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First, it was access to your home. Now, e-retail giant Amazon is looking to open the garage doors of its customers to ensure safe and secure last-yard delivery.

Amazon, along with garage opener company Chamberlain, recently announced they are joining forces to pioneer the latest frontier of secure, convenient package delivery with Key for Garage. Prime members taking part in Key for Garage will soon be able to choose in-garage delivery from Amazon, ensuring their packages will be delivered to homes safely. Customers with a Chamberlain myQ-connected garage door opener now will be able to control and monitor their home's garage door via the Amazon Key app.

“A self-contained extension of the home, the garage offers a convenient destination for packages that solves current delivery hurdles such as potential theft and missed deliveries," said Jeff Meredith, Chamberlain's CEO. “ ... Prime members now have a new secure delivery alternative for all of their Amazon purchases, and all customers can enjoy complete control over their garage, one of the home’s primary access points.”

As more and more Americans turn to nearly exclusive online shopping and home delivery, the logistics sector has become hyper-focused on safe and secure last yard shipping. Customers demand the peace of mind that costly purchases online will be delivered and not stolen while they are away from home. 

In recent studies, about 70 percent of shippers and third-party logistics companies combined recognized the need for capable last-yard shipping services.

When it comes to the most concerning issues related to last-yard services, 72 percent said delayed deliveries was one the biggest problems, while another 66 percent said damaged deliveries were the biggest concern and 49 percent said lost deliveries are an area for improvement. These numbers reveal there is much room for improvement and growth in the last-yard sector as consumers demand more convenient and speedier shipping options.

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