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At MDS Trucking we’ve always considered “Trust, Tech and Training” to be key elements of our growing freight hauling business. That’s why we were thrilled recently when our partners at Coyote decided to feature us on their company website, talking about those very topics. 

Our Operations and Dispatch Manager Nik Mileusnic, discussed how we use technology to track our loads and driver activity, prioritizing communication and a recruiting strategy that rewards drivers their help in recruiting new drivers. 

Load and Driver Tracking with Tech

When it comes to monitoring safety and improving efficiency with tech tracking, MDS is a leader. We use a variety of systems to track loads and our driver activity. We view these as opportunities to ensure the very best in customer service and the safety of our drivers. 

MDS also utilizes technology to find and book new freight. Our team of dispatchers uses multiple online load forums to discover freight opportunities, including the Coyote digital freight platform.

"We love using Coyote’s digital platform because of how easy it is to narrow down our search and find exactly the loads we’re looking for,” Nik said. “It’s user-friendly and constantly improving, so it’s become a go-to resource for us.”

Communication is Key

Another facet of the MDS business strategy is open and frequent communication with our drivers. Keeping our team abreast of the latest industry news and regulations ensures they feel like they are valued and informed, allowing them to do the very best job they can. This open form of communication is a large part of the MDS recruitment and retention program.

“We find that maintaining an open and honest style of communication is a top priority,” Nik said. “We want everyone to feel like they can approach anyone, no matter the role, at any time. Staying up to date on evolving government regulations, emerging technology and products, and other transportation topics are crucial for us. Effectively communicating updates to the team is equally as important.”

Recruiting to Stay on Top

Ensuring our drivers are informed also allows us to recruit more drivers. Because word of mouth is one of our top recruitment tools, drivers will only make those referrals if they feel like MDS is a great place to work. In addition, MDS also offers generous referral bonuses.

“Some of our current drivers have brought in more than 10 drivers, which proves the success of driver-to-driver recruitment,” Nik said. 

MDS looks forward to our continued partnership with Coyote and we were happy to take part in this opportunity to talk more about our growing company. To read the full article, click here.