MDS Trucking Photo Contest

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Photo Contest


The holiday season is upon us and we feel quite festive! We decided to hold a photo contest for our followers, drivers, and newcomers as a token of appreciation for being by our side and using our services.


The Rules

There are a few simple steps you have to go through in order to participate. Don’t worry, it’s rather straightforward and it takes only a minute or two.

  • Send us a picture of your truck at
  • The photo MUST contain the truck or at least 2/3 of the truck should be clearly visible
  • To be eligible, you MUST follow MDS Trucking V on Facebook and Instagram


How Should You Format Your Submission

In order to keep things relatively clean, we encourage you to format your email submission like this:


  • Subject: Photo Contest

Content of the email:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Facebook and Instagram username (or links to your profile) – We need them to confirm that you have followed our profile and are eligible for a reward
  • Pictures of your truck attached to the email

Here’s an example:

Example Email for Photo Contest